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Stainless Steel
Program Number
Program Number
Multifunction ovens are the optimum choice for anyone who takes cooking seriously. Giving you total control and maximum flexibility. Choose from between five to thirteen separate cooking programmes.
Energy Rate
Energy Rate
A energy rated products use less electricity, saving you money and reducing the impact on the environment. Hotpoint ovens are among the most energy efficient with AA ratings for all our built-in double ovens and A for all single ovens.
Cleaning Type
Cleaning Type
To keep your oven as clean and shiny as the rest of your kitchen, simply use the Fast Clean Pyrolytic Cycle. The quadruple or triple glazed doors automatically lock, the oven heats to 500ºC and burns off all the fat and waste leaving a small deposit of ash for you to simply wipe away. The process is completely safe and costs less than 50p each time.
The innovative ventilation circulates heat in all directions, top, down, right to left, spreading it uniformly over every point in the internal cavity. Electronic control limits termperature fluctuations to a minimum, thus enabling High Definition cooking in any position, on any level in the oven
Touch Control
Smooth control at your fingertips. Precision right at your fingertips with touch sensitive panels that give you total control over your oven – and they’re easy to clean, too.
Telescopic shelfs
An extendable shelf that is self-supporting so you can take dishes in and out, taste or stir, safe in the knowledge that the shelf won't tip. Each oven that shelf won't tip. Each oven that has a telescopic shelf also has a telescopic shelf also comes with a deep dish.
Fast cooking
Uses the powerful inner element to pre-heat the oven, then switches to the outer element for ongoing cooking at a more gentle heat. Saves up to 40%* in total cooking time. Ideal for ready meals and pizzas.
Pizza Programme
Combination of the Circulaire Fan and bottom heat guarantees rapid baking of dough or pastry. Bottom heat ensures a crispy base and the rear element delivers a perfect finish.
Pastries Programme
Combination of top and rear elements with the fan to circulate air around the food guarantees rapid baking of pastry with a golden finish.
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