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Stainless Steel
Width (cm)
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Fridge gross capacity (lt)
Cooling System
Cooling System
The circulation of cold air in the freezer compartment and through the air tower in the fridge in Fully Frost Freeze models avoid the formation of ice crystals, ensuring there is no build up of ice in the fridge or the freezer meaning that you will never have to defrost again. Frost Free works in the same way as Fully Frost Free, however the Frost Free system only manages the freezer compartment, not the fridge, ensuring you never have to defrost the freezer again, saving you time and energy.
Energy Rating
Energy Rating
In almost every home it’s the refrigeration appliances that are working hard for you 24 hours a day to keep your food in optimum condition. Efficiency is key which is why we have designed our whole refrigeration range to be either as A or A+ energy rated to ensure your appliance is efficient as possible, helping your bank balance and the environment.
Type of display
Four Doors Fridge Freezer
Created to be exceptional from every point of view, Hotpoint Four Doors Fridge Freezer is the first four-door fridge with a highly eye-catching, original design. Creating a style statement in the kitchen, Hotpoint Four Doors Fridge Freezers models are available in contemporary stainless steel or the latest high gloss black and new Gun metal. Thanks to its independently opening fridge doors and freezer drawers, Hotpoint Four Doors Fridge Freezer uses less than half the power* of a standard fridge-freezer. *Related to energy consumption during doors opening
Day 1 Fresh Technology
Maintains first day freshness for up to 14 days so you can preserve the original quality and freshness of your food for longer. The new and revolutionary Ultima 60cm fridge freezers use the latest DAY 1 FRESH TECHNOLOGY consisting of Precision Temperature Control (Multipower Inverter), Ultra Fresh Crisper, Active Oxygen and a 3-in-1 Zone to provide outstanding food preservation.
Multi Temperature Zone
The innovative Multi Temperature Zone is the ideal environment to protect and keep food's original freshness and taste during freezing and defrosting,thanks to its Hyper Freeze and Safe Defrost functions.Furthermore, the drawer can adapt to your personal storage needs: it can be used to freeze (-18/26°) or keeps fresh food like fruit and vegetables (+8°).
Temperature Variable Zone
The FF4DTVZ has a new temperature variable zone in the top freezer drawer allowing you to manually set it at various different temperatures between 0ºC to -26ºC giving you total flexibility. *Please note it will take varying amounts of time to reach your chosen temperature setting.
Holiday Settings
Save energy while you are away. Holiday Setting allows the freezer to keep running as normal whilst the fridge is set to 12ºC when empty with the door closed.
Active Oxygen
First day freshness for up to nine days. Active Oxygen technology keeps food ‘first day’ fresh for longer by releasing trioxygen (O3) molecules that inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 90% and neutralise odours by up to 70%.
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