Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my fabric conditioner not being taken away?

Please note it is quite normal for a small amount of water or conditioner to remain in the fabric conditioner compartment at the end of each wash cycle.

If your machine fails to remove the fabric conditioner from the appropriate compartment, it is likely there is a blockage within the detergent dispenser itself.

We recommend you remove the detergent dispenser drawer and clean using hot soapy water to remove any blockages and re-try the wash process. It is possible a partial blockage was caused from some unused conditioner.

Remember some concentrated conditioners need to be diluted by mixing them with water prior to the start of the programme.

Finally check that the feet are level and the Hotpoint washing machine is not too low at the front as this could prevent the fabric conditioner being rinsed away. If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 0344 822 4224.

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