Frequently Asked Questions

My Hotpoint washing machine is leaking

As part of the manufacturing process we thoroughly test your washing machine to ensure that it will not leak from any internal components after you have installed it.

Any leaking before or during its first use is most likely due to water still remaining in the washing machine following this testing process.

Further checks can be easily carried out.  Firstly, we would recommend checking the fill hose, drain hose and mains plumbing for leaks. Take care to check the fill hose connection to your washing machine and to the mains plumbing (taps) are secure.

It’s also possible for a leak to appear from your detergent dispenser, which can be caused by excessive water pressure or the washing machine has not been levelled properly during installation. You can raise the front of the appliance by adjusting the feet at the front of the machine.

We would also recommend double checking the water supply hose connections (at both ends) as well as checking the drain hose during the pump out process.

If you need further assistance please call Hotpoint customer service on 0344 822 4224.

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