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Heat Pump Technology

Heat Pump Technology

Heat pump technology delivers the most efficient energy usage compared with a condenser or vented tumble dryer. With an A+ energy rating, you'll save over 45% compared to a B rated tumble dryer.

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Taking the warm air that's distributed around your clothes, heat pump technology removes the moisture, then recycles it through the machine, passing it back around your clothes again and again, until they're perfectly dry.

It's an economical approach to tumble drying that saves up to 40% in energy consumption compared to standard condenser dryers, meaning it helps save you money.

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Caring For Your Clothes

By using cooler temperatures during the drying cycle, heat pump technology means less stress on your favourite clothes.

Alongside heat pump technology, our ActiveCare technology also helps to minimise stress on your clothes, keeping them looking their best for longer. Anti-stress movement ensures your clothes cling to the sides of the drum, minimising fibre abrasion.

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Looking after your family

The clever Anti-Allergy option on our heat pump dryers allows higher temperatures to remove up to 99.9% bacteria and allergens from your laundry.

Great for those that suffer from allergies or have sensitive skin.


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