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We're on a mission to help the nation reduce food waste by getting creative with forgotten food and supporting local communities.


As part of our Fresh Thinking For Forgotten Food campaign we're supporting FoodCycle, a national charity that builds communities through the power of good food. FoodCycle is based upon the simple idea that waste and poverty should not co-exist and that something powerful can be achieved by cooking and eating together.

Every week, volunteers across the country reclaim over a tonne of surplus food destined for the bin. This food is instead cooked into healthy, tasty three-course community meals for people who are hungry and lonely.

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Every week, FoodCycle serves 1,200 community meals across the country for those that are hungry and lonely. FoodCycle has been cooking since 2009, and last year alone we served the equivalent of 256,000 meals using food surplus.

During October, we'll be opening the Fresh Thinking Pop-Up Cafe, serving a tasting menu of dishes inspired by the top 10 most wasted foods, and we'll be donating all the proceeds to FoodCycle to support projects up and down the country. Come and visit us on Bethnal Green Road on the 10th and 11th October and see for yourself how forgotten foods can be turned into a delicious, nutritious meal! Share your forgotten foods recipe with us for a chance to win the opportunity to meet Jamie Oliver and have your recipe inspire the Fresh Thinking Cafe menu. Visit freshthinkingroadshow.hotpoint.co.uk for details.

Until the 12th October, we'll be donating £3 to FoodCycle for every selected cooking appliance sold at participating retailers. Treat your food to a new bit of kit and help FoodCycle reclaim forgotten foods to feed the hungry and lonely.

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We’re working with the one & only Jamie Oliver to give you some inspiration with delicious dishes created out of those last & almost lost foods in your kitchen, so you don’t throw them away!

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