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So much more than just reheating and defrosting

Hotpoint’s microwave collection features clever technologies that let you cook perfect dishes speedily – for so much more than just reheating and defrosting. Prioritise perfecting your favourite dishes over the cleaning your appliance, with our AutoClean function. Just add a dish of water in the cavity, select the AutoClean function and wait just 11 minutes. We've spent the last 110 years designing products to keep your home working as seamlessly as possible, with a wide range of choice available to suit your needs.

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Microwave Cooking Appliances

Hotpoint’s range of built-in and free standing microwaves are designed to perfectly heat your food, because the cooking functions can be arranged in a sequence to suit your needs. These features include our signature dynamic crisp option, which gives the cooking effect of an oven all the while using a microwave. Our microwave ovens also include combi and grill type options as well. A Hotpoint microwave oven comes in various stylish colours including black, white, inox and the ever-popular stainless steel microwave. The sleek design and easy to use interface will make cooking with a Hotpoint microwave a real pleasure.