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Come rain or shine Hotpoint tumble dryers make every day the perfect drying day

At Hotpoint, we care for the things you love. Keep clothing looking and feeling like new, with our range of tumble dryers, backed by our 110 year history. With a selection of high-end, innovative technologies, each garment is cared for perfectly, with anti-stress movement to minimise abrasion and help your clothes last longer. Our range of energy-efficient integrated and freestanding tumble dryers means there's a style to suit every home and need, with larger capacity machines for full family loads, to smaller options perfect for couples. Let Hotpoint care for your clothes, so you always look your best.

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Tumble Dryers

Tumble Dryer Machines

Hotpoint tumble dryers include technology and features, such as anti-tangle, anti-aging and variable heat settings and special programmes for different types of clothes to ensure a thorough drying process without harming the fabrics. The innovative ActiveCare Technology reduces by up to 40% the fabric wear out, minimizing the stress on your garments, so that you can enjoy them for longer. You will find a range of tumble dryer types such as condenser dryers, heat pump dryers, and air-vented dryers. You also have the choice of either a front loading dryer or top loading too. Furthermore a Hotpoint tumble dryer removes 99.9% of dust mites to help protect families with sensitive skin.