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Cooling solutions available to suit any kitchen with both freestanding and integrated models in the Hotpoint range. Hotpoint offers a wide selection of fridges for under counter and tall upright spaces with innovative technologies that help to prolong the freshness of your food.
Active Oxygen helps to create a hygienic environment which in turn prolongs the life of your food shop by reducing odours from strong smelling foods such as cheeses and fish, whilst reducing bacteria, the main cause of foods losing their freshness. With convenience and flexibility in mind the space within Hotpoint’s fridges can be arranged to suit your needs with multiple shelving levels, door balconies and salad drawers to suit any households fresh food shop.

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Our Range of Refrigerators

Hotpoint offers a range of different types of built-in, integrated and freestanding fridges, which come in a range of capacities and sizes to suit the needs of your kitchen, cooking and storage. You can also find an elegant range of over and under the counter fridges to suit your kitchen design and interior. Hotpoint refrigerators are renowned for their energy efficiency and you can select from various A+ and A++ options when purchasing a new fridge. You can browse through the various special features available in our integrated fridges. Choose stylish colours and types to suit your kitchen including popular colours such as black, white and graphite. Looking for the right fridge? Learn more about our range features with our Fridge Buying Guide.