5 Reasons to be excited for this series of Great British Bake Off

The sixth series of the Great British Bake Off is coming back to our screens. The Great British public has gone into a bake off frenzy already, it seems everyone is sharing the same delirious excitement as we are. What's not to love? Drama, cake, puns and squirrels!

Here's 5 reasons why we can't wait for series 6 of Britain's best loved baking show to begin!

1. Cakes (obviously)

You can't go wrong with cakes, who doesn't love a good cake? We can't wait to attempt to recreate the contestant's masterpieces.
Here are some of our favourites from past series.
Why not take a look at ITV Lorraine Bake star Suzy Pelta's recipe for Chocolate Orange Mousse Pie that she whipped up for Hotpoint at the BBC Good Food Show last year?

2. Innuendos

It wouldn't be the same without the naughty innuendos.
"The terror of a soggy bottom has been keeping me up all night" - Season four finalist Kimberley
"Oh no, you have some irregular-shaped balls" - A classic piece of criticism from Mary Berry
"You have got two hours to pop Mary's cherry…. (pause) in the oven!" - Sue telling the contestants to recreate Mary's cake.

3. The return of the soggy bottom

Any fan of the Great British Bake Off knows what a soggy bottom is. The phrase of the show, and one we all giggle at. In the baking world this is a, who wants a soggy bottomed pie or tart?
Let's hope this year's contestants listen to the judges and make sure their culinary delights do not, we repeat do not have soggy bottoms!
#soggybottoms has been a regular trend on twitter since 2013!

4. The return of baking bad boy Paul Hollywood

Bake off Judge Paul is fast becoming one of the nation's favourite TV chef's. Well known as the bad boy of baking, and for his twinkly blue eyes that make the female viewers swoon!
His unique baking put downs makes him the Simon Cowell of baking. Here are just a few of our favourite Paul Hollywood remarks:

"The texture's all wrong because it's too dry inside." Kimberley: "Dry?!"

Cutting to the chase with Beca: "It has no flavour."

"Everything else is hideous, but the biscuit is beautiful This is called Bake Off rather than Grill Off Good flavour, they just look hideous"

Who will be on his hitlist for 2015?

5. The latest trailer! 

If you're not excited enough already see the trailer here

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