Easter entertaining

The Easter break is a perfect time to spend with your loved ones.

Whether that means baking some tasty Easter treats with the little ones or cooking the whole family a seasonal lamb roast dinner with all the trimmings.

Let Hotpoint help you ensure the Easter weekend entertaining goes without a hitch. We’ve got a couple of our favourite Easter recipes, as well as some handy appliances that can help you with the big clean up.

Our top Easter recipes

Handy Hotpoint Appliances

Ultima S-Line Washing Machine

Most of us can think of a stain disaster we’ve encountered during the Easter break. From spilling red wine down your favourite blouse, gravy being spilt on your favourite table cloth or the little ones clothes being covered in chocolate, after the Easter egg hunt.

You needn’t worry because the Ultima S-line can remove over 100 stains at 20° thanks to the Direct Injection System. A pre-mix of water and detergent creates a cleaning foam which is directly injected into the wash. As a result of this the detergent is activated faster, and penetrates fibres better, giving you a deeper clean at low temperatures.

This technology makes light of stubborn stains including red wine, mud and chocolate, without the need for any pre-treatment, saving you money on expensive stain removal products, whilst still looking after your fabrics and colours.

If you are in a rush you can always rely on the Anti-Stain Turbo programme which removes 40 stains in just 45min. It does this thanks to the Direct Injection System and increased agitation during the wash to remove dirt and stains quicker.

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