Lisa Faulkner family masterclass

Hotpoint hosted media and bloggers at a cooking master class with Lisa Faulkner where they got creative and found that, with the right products, anyone can have fun in the kitchen with the family.

Lisa Faulkner, Hotpoint Brand Ambassador commented:

"With today's hectic lifestyles, it's important to have a central place where people can relax, socialise and get creative; for me this is in the kitchen. I love cooking with my daughter and she enjoys getting involved. Using Hotpoint products makes it easy and allows me to focus on what's important; enjoying time with friends and family and chatting about those all important life decisions."

Check out Lisa demonstrating some delicious recipes and the attendees getting stuck in and making their own tasty pizzas!

Want to try your hand at some of the dishes you've seen?

Recipes available here. Why not tweet us with a photo of the finished product using the hashtag #HubOfTheHome.

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