Maintains DAY 1 freshness for up to 14 days*

The revolutionary new Ultima fridge freezer includes DAY 1 FRESH TECHNOLOGY, which maintains Day 1 freshness for up to 14 days.

DAY 1 FRESH TECHNOLOGY uses a series of innovative features including Precision Temperature Control, Ultra Fresh Crisper, Active Oxygen and a 3-in-1 Zone to provide outstanding food preservation, retaining the original quality and freshness of your food for longer – because we love food as much as you do.

Active Oxygen 2.0

First day freshness for longer

Active Oxygen technology helps maintain the freshness of food for longer by releasing tri-oxygen (O³) molecules into the fridge whenever the door is opened.

These O³ particles inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 90% and neutralise odours by up to 70%, providing you with Day 1 freshness for up to 9 days throughout the entire fridge.

Inhibits the growth of bacteria by up to 90% reduces bad odours by up to 70%

Ultra fresh crisper

Extend the freshness of your fruit & vegetables

The innovative super insulated crisper regulates and maintains the optimum humidity level (80%) required for fresh fruit and vegetables. The humidity level can also be set manually depending on the type of food you’re storing. It also features a moveable divider with Active Fresh Filter, that gives you flexible space to store different types of food.

Active fresh filter

Ethylene is a natural substance produced by certain fruits during the ripening process. The Active Fresh Filter absorbs the ethylene produced by fruit to help maintain Day 1 freshness of ethylene sensitive food such as vegetables, for up to 13 days.

3-in-1 zone

One drawer with 3 functions to extend the life of your food for longer, providing Day 1 freshness for up to 7 days. Choose from 1 of 3 dedicated functions;

Super Cool +

A cold air boost that drops food temperature from +70°C to +3°C in 30% less time*. * vs the same product without SUPER COOL+ function

Chill Mode

A delicate chilled air flow that constantly guarantees the ideal temperature (around 0°C) to preserve fresh meat and fish.

Safe Defrost

Defrosts food at a controlled low temperature (‹ 4°C), preventing bacteria growth and avoiding tissue damage during the defrosting process.

Precision Temperature Control

Guarantees ultimate food preservation

With Precision Temperature Control, which is achieved thanks to the Multipower Inverter Compressor, cool air is circulated throughout the fridge and freezer, providing a constant temperature to within + or -1°C.

Precision Temperature Control, combined with the Ultra Fresh Crisper, maintains Day 1 freshness for up to 14 days, preserving the original quality of your food.

Outstanding Performance


Improved structure providing up to 20% more storage capacity


Low energy consumption, high performance & efficiency


Super Silent - so quiet you'll hardly notice it with noise levels as low as 37dB(A)



Maximum flexibility and organisation to store every type of food.


White LED lighting for better visibility in every corner of the fridge.


Sliding shelves help you organise and access your food more easily. Pull out the shelf by up to 12cm to reach food at the back of the fridge.


Day 1 freshness for up to 13 days

  • A+ Energy
  • Fully Frost Free
  • Active Oxygen 2.0
  • 3-In-1 Zone
  • Ultra Fresh Crisper
  • Active Fresh Filter
  • Electronic Display
  • Wine Rack/Area
  • Super Cool
  • Super Freeze
  • 4 Freezer Compartments

10 Year Parts Guarantee

XUL 85 T1Z WOJH POLAR WHITE / H1890 x W600mm XUL 95 T1Z X0JH stainless steel / H2010 x W600mm

Day 1 freshness for up to 14 days

  • A+++ Energy
  • Fully Frost Free
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • Ultra Fresh Crisper
  • Active Fresh Filter
  • Active Oxygen 2.0
  • 3-In-1 Zone
  • Wine Rack/Area
  • Super Cool
  • Super Freeze
  • 4 Freezer Compartments

10 Year Parts Guarantee

XUL 85 T3U W0JH polar white / H1890 x W600mm

*14 day freshness relating to the level of yeast and mould in fresh strawberries preserved in the Total No frost HD Fridge Freezer with Ultra Fresh Crisper, Active Fresh Filter, Active Oxygen 2.0 and Precision Temperature Control (Multipower Inverter Compressor). Findings based on SLG Test Results. Number of days will vary by model depending on the features included.

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