In 1911 Hotpoint invented the world’s first electric iron to get hot at the point. Now, over 100 years later the new collection of steam irons and steam generators will make ironing a breeze.

Steam Generator Irons – Glide through creases with ease, quickly and efficiently. With useful time saving features as well as less limescale formation thanks to the scale-proof system on selected models, you will be amazed with the results.

Compact Steam Generator Irons – Designed to give the performance of a Steam Generator Iron but in a more compact size. Perfect for all ironing tasks including vertical steaming.

Steam Irons – Easy to use and lightweight for quick and accurate results.

  • Less limescale

    The Pure Water filter in the water tank collects the impurities and combined with the exclusive and innovative scale-proof system prevents the formation of limescale.

  • Diamond glide soleplate

    To guarantee perfect heat distribution and even temperature while you iron, for impeccable results. Scratch resistant for optimum smooth gliding.

  • Optimal soleplate

    Optimal Soleplate Temperature Technology optimises the temperature for each fabric type, whether you’re tackling cotton, linens, wools or silk without having to change the temperature.

  • Steam output

    Powerful steam output of 170 g/min and continuous steam for perfect ironing, even with vertical streaming.

  • Convenient water tank

    Designed with an easy to fill opening, it can be easily filled directly from the tap.

  • Hot right to the tip

    Specially designed soleplate to reach even the smallest corners of garments.

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