Slow Juicers

Thanks to gentle bladeless technology, fruit and vegetable's vitamin content and nutritional properties are maintained. Juices and smoothies are not only healthier, they’re tastier too. The juicer also extracts up to 30% more juice than a standard juicer with minimal dry waste.

  • More juice less waste

    Get more juice and less left-over pomace which is also drier than pomace from standard juicers even though the same amount of ingredients are used. The most juice with the least waste.

  • Soft squeeze technology

    Thanks to the blade-free soft extraction process, the juice will be completely smooth and even, with no residues, while retaining all the fruit nutritional content. This technology also means that you can obtain 30% more juice than a standard juicer.

  • Reverse function

    Allows you to maximize the juice you obtain and makes cleaning your juicer easier.

  • Bladeless screw

    With careful juicing the molecules of the fruit are not destroyed.

  • No noise

    The exclusive juicing process is also much quieter than that of traditional juicers.

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