Washing Machines

Smart just got Smarter with the Smart + system that removes over 100 stains at just 20°.

Direct Injection Removes more than 100 stains at 20°. A premix of water and detergent in a separate compartment before it enters the drum. Cleaning power is increased by up to 60%, delivering effective deep cleaning at lower temperatures, and keeping colours and fabrics safe.

Smart Sensor technology A smarter wash, whatever the load. The machine automatically adjusts for every wash by sensing the load size and fabric type, so that the wash cycle and water usage is always optimised to deliver the perfect wash.

Auto+ intelligently senses the load size & type to tailor the water and drum action. So that the machine only uses the energy required, saving money.

  • Fridge Freezers

    Optimum temperature control for food freshness

    Smart Cooling intelligently monitors the fridge and freezer to maintain the optimum temperature for maximum food freshness. Plus extra control at your fingertips with:

    Super Cool Allows large amounts of food to be cooled very quickly. Perfect to quickly bring your fridge and food to an optimum temperature.

    Super Freeze Lowers the freezer temperature fast, freezing food quickly to lock in freshness or prevent items from defrosting.

  • Dishwashers

    30% more cleaning power, right where you need it

    Maximum loading flexibility inside your machine

    Smart Wash The new Smart Wash system lets you direct 30% more washing power to one of the two internal baskets, giving you maximum cleaning power just where you need it for stubborn baked on food meaning no need to pre-soak your pots and pans saving you time and money!

    Smart Load Gives you maximum storage flexibility and can be moved and split so you can arrange the baskets to suit any type of wash, giving you maximum space. There's also a third upper cutlery tray, folding removable glass support and fully folding plate racks.

  • OpenSpace built-in Ovens

    Double oven versatility in a single oven space!

    Fits in the space of a single oven but gives you all the convenience of a double oven using our innovative insulating divider, so you can cook two different dishes at two different temperatures at the same time. It'll also save you energy by only heating the oven space you're actually using.

    Diamond Clean Hate cleaning the oven? Diamond clean combines a non-stick lining with a hydrolytic steam cycle, making any baked on food or grease easy to wipe away. Leaving you with sparkling results, without the use of harsh chemicals. Saving you precious time.

    Smart Temperature Control Has intelligent sensors which maintain precise temperature control to within 2 degrees to optimise cooking performance. Perfect cooking results every time.

    Dual Flow Technology The Dual Flow system eliminates hot spots inside the oven by ventilating heat in all directions, leaving your food cooked perfectly throughout.


Perfect cooking results and minimal cleaning. Diamond Clean Reduces cleaning to a minimum with the durable coating that prevents dirt sticking to the stainless steel.

Smart Gas Specially designed controls to give you more precise control of the gas, ensuring just the right amount of heat is supplied to each pan.

Induction Hob

Fast, clean, safe and controllable for perfect cooking results. Induction Technology Even heat is instantly generated via magnetic field, activated by the presence of the pan so cooking zone becomes warm

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