The Ultima S-Line

Our most advanced anti-stain system yet. Using Direct Injection Technology the Ultima S-Line removes 100+ stains at 20°c whilst keeping colours and fabrics safe.

Making stains a thing of the past...

Red wine spills, mud stains, cooking oil splashes and coffee sloshes are no longer a worry thanks to the Ultima S-Line.

Tackling more than 100 stains with no need for pre-treatment, it’s our most advanced Anti-Stain System yet, making light work of even the most stubborn marks and stains.

Wash confidently at low temperatures, knowing that even your most delicate fabrics are cared for. Discard expensive stain removal products, with the Ultima S-Line there’s no need to pre-treat which saves you money and helps the environment.

Our most advanced anti-stain system yet

Thanks to the Direct Injection and Digital Motion Technology, Hotpoint’s Ultima S-Line combines a dynamic, pre-mixed cleaning foam with clever rotations of the drum to give you 60% more power in every wash.

Delivering brilliant results at lower temperatures, the Ultima S-Line’s unique anti-stain cycles are optimised to get between fibres to remove stubborn stains, leaving your clothes looking, feeling and smelling unbelievably clean.

Watch it in action
Removes 40 stains
In just 45 minutes
At 20 degrees
Removes 40 stains
in just 45 minutes,
at 20°c

Quick wash without compromise

You can always count on the Anti-Stain Turbo programme to get your day back on track.

Removing 40 stains in just 45mins at 20°c, this fast-wash cycle means you don’t ever have to compromise on performance.

Using the Direct Injection Systems and increased drum motion during the wash, dirt and stains are quickly removed, just in time for your next adventure.

Care for your clothes and the environment

If you’re looking for a machine that’s as kind to the environment as it is to your clothes, the Ultima S-Line’s A+++ energy rating, plus Eco Rain technology makes it the perfect choice.

Eco Rain is a feature we’ve added where clothes are sprayed with water during the rinse phase saving up to 20% in water and 50% in energy.

Simply put, Eco Rain is like giving your clothes a shower instead of a bath.

Watch it in action

Additional technologies

  • Digital Motion Technology

    The new brushless inverter motor creates 10 different drum motions during a single wash cycle, each one specifically designed to treat a variety of stains.The result is perfect stain removal, whilst keeping colours and fabrics safe too.

  • Super Silent Technology

    So quiet you’ll hardly notice it working. The precision of the Brushless Inverter Motor combined with the special sound insulating panels reduce sound levels by up to 50%.

  • Steam Technology

    Using natural power for fresher, cleaner clothes, Steam Hygiene adds an extra hit of steam at the end of a full wash cycle for a deep, intensive clean. Removing 99.9% of bacteria and reducing allergens, it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

  • Woolmark

    Certified soft and gentle for hand-wash woollen items, this delicate wash programme uses an extra gentle drum action and low spin speeds to reduce friction and deterioration caused by clothes rubbing together. Delicately caring, it helps to keep your knits looking – and feeling – beautiful for longer.

  • Anti Allergy

    Awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, our Anti-Allergy programme uses a combination of high temperatures and extra rinses to neutralise and remove 99.9% of major allergens, including dust mites, pet dander and pollen. Allergy UK approved to care for sensitive skin.

What our customers say

Very quiet. Can fit a large load into machine including duvets. Various cycles for all laundry requirements. Can see how long each wash cycle lasts and has left until finish. Looks a quality washing machine and built to last.”
– Busy mum or dad
Hotpoint claim that the new Anti-stain 20c programme can remove 100 common stains at low temperature and I have to agree it works, the direct injection button really does help as it premixes soap and water first before entering the drum and I think this plays a part in removing those stains.”
– Gary - Frequent User
I love the 45 minute wash, didnt think the stains would come out to be honest but they do everytime! Fantastic for a quick school uniform wash!”
– Gove - Busy mum or dad

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