How to host the perfect Christmas get together

There'll always be some stresses you can't avoid at Christmas, thankfully, Hotpoint can help with the others! Our top tips will help you with everything you need to entertain guests at home this festive season, from delicious recipe inspiration to Lisa Faulkner's collection of #hothacks to make life easier in the kitchen. We can even help you cook your turkey to perfection with our handy turkey timer.

Save time and effort this festive season with Lisa Faulkner's #hothacks

Fulfilling the feasting demands of friends and family at Christmas isn't easy, but with a #hothack, you can cruise through this festive season with ease.

This Christmas, make things easier... and tastier, with Lisa Faulkner's collection of hothacks and equip yourself with a cache of invaluable short cuts, cooking tricks, tips and inspiration to make whipping up something special as easy as pie.

It's the time of year to indulge in delicious delights, but with food the hot topic, it's important to get it right. This means some of us will be spending much more time in the kitchen than usual... and if you're reading this, it's probably you. Even the most ardent of cooks can feel overwhelmed by expectations and the sheer amount of preparation required for a festive feast - so why not make things easier for yourself? A clever hack into recipes, preparation techniques and even kitchen equipment does not only save precious time and make light work of tasks, it also keeps things interesting too. So concocting kitchen creations to delight anyone lucky enough to sample your dishes is no problem.

Foolproof Christmas dinner planning...

Some things you can't escape at Christmas!

Love entertaining during the festive season but hate the inevitable mountain of washing up? Did you know that during December the average household washes over 1000 dishes?*

In the UK, only around 40 percent of us own a dishwasher, whilst in Germany and France, it's over 60 percent**. So whilst much of Europe takes some time to relax and enjoy family time after the festive feast, over half of the UK will be playing host to that age-old argument and bickering about whose job it is to wash the dishes.

Our recent survey found that over 42 percent of those polled believe that dishwashers are a waste of either energy or water***, but the modern dishwasher is efficient, effective and time saving. Many dishwashers now feature sensor technology to automatically monitor and adjust the resources needed for each load, and some models use as little as six litres of water per wash. What's more, with each dishwasher purchase, you'll receive a free set of Dartington Crystal glasses and a pack of Finish tablets****.

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* Source: Nielsen Homescan Panel & Richter Study, approved by Reckitt Benckiser. Research by Hr.Richter of Bonn University recorded that 47 items are washed per dishwasher load in UK households. He measured that 33 percent of dishes were still washed by hand, even in dishwasher households. Meaning the total number of dishes cleaned per dishwasher occasion is 70 dishes. Nielsen Homescan Panel reported an average 17 tablets sold/used in December 2014. The 17 tablets used multiply the 70 dishes per wash occasion – a total of 1,190 dishes in December.
**Source: Nielsen and GFK/HQ 2013.
***Hotpoint survey conducted via Survey Monkey of 1,066 consumers in November 2015.
****Promotion running from 4th November to 24th December 2015 inclusive.

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