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The impact of domestic appliances on modern British life as the washing machine and fridge freezer are amongst our most life-changing products. The fact is that 8 million homes in the UK have not upgraded their appliances in the last decade. With research showing the impact of domestic appliances on modern British life and found the average home has three major appliances that are currently broken or only partly functioning.


Washing Machine

Fridge Freezer

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  • Ultima S-Line washing machine

    This A+++ machine features Steam and Anti-stain quick for outstanding performance and efficiency.

  • Ultima heat pump dryer

    Our A+ Heat Pump dryer saves over 50% energy compared to a C rated dryer.

  • Ultima Dishwasher

    Our A+++ Zone Wash dishwasher delivers 30% more cleaning power with superb energy efficiency.

  • Ultima fridge freezer

    Our active oxygen fridge freezer retains first day freshness for up to 9 days.

  • Luce oven

    Variable speed technology with a perfect setting for every need.

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