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Type of drying
Type of drying
Designed to co-ordinate with our washing machine range, Hotpoint vented dryers offer a 7 or 7.5kg load capacity and are full of helpful features like Easy Iron and a useful airing programme. The ultimate drying convenience, condenser dryers do not need a vent hose so they can be placed anywhere in your home. The internal condensing system collects moisture into an easy empty water bottle at the top of the machine. You don’t even have to empty the water at all if you use the mains drain option, which comes as standard on all Hotpoint condenser dryers.
Drying Capacity (kg)
Energy Rating
Type of display
Woolmark Gold
Delicate drying with the Woolmark seal of approval. Our latest drying cycle specially designed to gently dry your woollens using our innovative, variable speed Soft Motion motor. The cycle has been awarded Woolmark Gold approval by the world’s leading authority on wool products. It’s ideal for drying clothes with ‘hand wash’ labels, providing they’ve been washed in a Woolmark approved machine and you’ve followed the manufacturer’s instructions.
Anti aging
Lift your clothes on a cushion of air. Our innovative wave design drum and lifters make sure your clothes are gently floating on a cushion of air to keep their natural softness and colour.
Anti Allergy
Allergy UK approved to care for sensitive skin. Our anti-allergy programme uses high temperature control technology to remove 99.9% of major allergens, including dust mites, fungi, bacteria and pollen to help protect families with sensitive skin.
Sensing Drying Levels
Our own ‘set and forget’ drying system that uses sensors to monitor moisture and temperature levels inside the dryer and stop the machines. So based on the level of drying you choose the machine senses when the load is dry. Not only convenient for you, sensor drying ensures maximum energy efficiency, but ensures that your clothes are kept in tip top condition.
Smart Dry Program Manager
Smart Dry Programme Manager: Up to 7 automatic drying levels and 85 different programme combinations ensure maximum protection for all your clothes with the perfect drying cycle.
Iron Zone
A new Dryer with with Iron Zone makes your life better by making ironing easier than ever. A set of new specific program and options gives the ability to iron in a very light way reducing creases and allowing you to complete your laundry with ease
Crease Care Option
Less creasing, less ironing, less hassle. Pre- and Post-Creasecare keep your clothes crease free by occasionally tumbling the load with no heat – the ideal drying solution if you’re not around at the end of the cycle.
Refresh Programme
A 20 minute cool treatment programme that works on dry clothes to air and refresh them - an alternative to washing items you've only worn once or that have been unpacked from storage.
Cuddly Toys Cycle
A delicate drying cycle conceived to dry cuddly toys and able to remove dust easier. Low temperatures and a soft mechanical action help to maintain the original look and shine of fur and cuddly toys fabrics
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