Heat Pump tumble dryers

There’s no better feeling than soft and fluffy laundry, whether it’s a cosy jumper for chilly winter days or crisp clean bed sheets. At Hotpoint, our tumble dryers are designed to efficiently dry your laundry and keep it looking and feeling its best. Heat pump tumble dryers are known as the most efficient way to tumble dry laundry and are great for those looking for eco-friendly performance, enjoying energy efficiency and cost savings. Discover thoughtful technology from Hotpoint, our selection of heat pump tumble dryers helps prevent mishaps in the home.

Hotpoint Heat pump dryers

Are you looking for the best heat pump tumble dryer for 2023? From integrated and freestanding models to capacities to suit every household's needs, including 8kg and 9kg, there’s plenty of choice. Enjoy features such as CreaseCare, which can save more than 50%* in energy whilst protecting laundry from creases for up to 10 hours, while the ActiveCare range keeps your clothes looking their best for longer, by minimising stress on fibres and reducing fabric wear out by up to 40%**.

Comparing the annual energy consumption of a Hotpoint A++ heat pump tumble dryer versus a Hotpoint B class condenser dryer.
Up to 40% based on jeans programme without ActiveCare.

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Heat Pump Tumble dryers


What is a heat pump tumble dryer and how does it work?

Heat pump tumble dryers are the most efficient way to tumble dry your laundry. Unlike traditional vented or condenser models, heat pump dryers do not use a heating element to dry your clothes, instead, they use recirculated air to gently dry and protect your clothes at a cooler temperature.

Heat pump dryers work by drawing air into the drum and passing it over a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger removes moisture, condenses it into water, and pumps residual warm air back into the drum. This recycled hot air is used again to dry the laundry load, meaning less energy is needed to reheat the air.

This thoughtful technology offers several advantages. Firstly, heat pump tumble dryers are remarkably energy-efficient, consuming less electricity compared to conventional dryers. Additionally, they operate at lower temperatures, resulting in gentler drying that is kinder to fabrics. So, when you ask, "what is a heat pump tumble dryer and how does it work?" the answer lies in this eco-friendly, energy-saving process that not only dries your clothes effectively but does so with a reduced environmental impact.