Capturing the very essence of cold autumnal night and the comfort of perfectly cooked homemade food, our new advert is all about reminiscing after the kitchen aromas that defined our childhoods and how we can capture them in our modern lives.

The new advert – created by J Walter Thompson – captures beautifully how cooking can be a gateway to the past, whilst showcasing the super-sleek appeal of Hotpoint’s new Built-In cooking range and Multiflow Heat Technology.

“Our latest TV advert, airing in October, is a true reflection of our new brand positioning; caring for the things that matter most and showcasing our latest technological advances that help to make sure each and every meal is cooked to pure perfection”.

- Fiona Hope, Hotpoint Marketing Director

Keep an eye out for the advert during Grand Designs, Sunday Brunch, George Clarke’s Amazing Spaces and Food Unwrapped.

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