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Total laundry convenience

Hotpoint washer dryers provide total convenience, while delivering consistent laundry results, with fabric care in mind. Ideal for when you’re limited on space, but need a solution for both washing and drying our built-in and freestanding models which range from 7kg to 11kg wash capacity, and 5kg to 7kg drying capacity.
Hotpoint’s washer dryers feature thoughtful technology that can help to tackle common everyday stains at lower temperatures thanks to Direct Injection technology, which uses a premix of water and detergent to deeper penetrate fibres for enhanced cleaning power. When you’re in a hurry, rely on the wash & dry 45 minute cycle, which can wash and dry 1kg of laundry quickly and efficiently.

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Washer Dryer Machines

Hotpoint front-loading freestanding and integrated washer dryers are equipped with technology and features to adapt to the type of wash and dry you require. This includes crease reduction and anti-stain technology as well as features for different types of fabric. Our washer dryers come in different sizes to suit your space and usage needs from 5kg to 11 kg capacity appliances. The direct injection technology enables that water and detergent are pre-mixed for a better penetration into fibers and faster activation of the detergent enzymes, for an extra cleaning power. Choose between a range of stylish colours including black, graphite and white. Looking for the right washer dryer? Learn more about our range features with our Washer Dryer Buying Guide