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Slim dishwashers, big innovation

If you’re looking for a dishwashing appliance that boasts maximum power whilst taking up minimal space, a slimline dishwasher is there to take the hassle out of washing up for you. Whether you’re a smaller household with fewer dishes, or you’re limited on kitchen space, a 45cm dishwasher will help you say goodbye to the washing up gloves and hello to streak-free cutlery and spotless plates. With modern designs in both integrated and freestanding slim dishwashers, they seamlessly blend with your household whilst saving you precious time on washing up.

Hotpoint’s slimline dishwashers are designed to make your after-dinner clean up easy. Small dishwashers have a lower water consumption compared to full sized appliances and even handwashing, making them perfect for smaller loads, more space efficient, and better for our planet, too. With tactile, easy-to-use interfaces and Flexi-Load interiors that allow you to customise the space needed to fit every pot and pan, Hotpoint’s slim dishwashers include features that are designed with your lifestyle in mind.

The quiet inverter motor ensures peace whilst your appliance is running, and the delay timer allows you to do the washing up on your schedule by delaying the start of the cycle for up to 24 hours. Our slimline dishwashers feature unique 3D Zone Wash technology for a fully customisable wash cycle. The technology ensures you’re using the right amount of water for the load, providing you with either more cleaning power or more energy efficiency no matter what the load calls for.