Hotpoint Class 7 DXU7 912 C IX Built-in Oven - Stainless Steel



DXU7 912 C IX
Double up on your culinary creations with the Hotpoint Built-Under Double Oven in classic stainless steel. Within the 54L main oven cavity, six cooking functions give you a choice between; circulaire roasting for evenly circulated heat between shelves, grill, fan only, defrosting, slow cook and traditional. Featured within the top oven, enjoy an extra 33L of cooking space, plus a choice between traditional heat, single or double grill. This model also features the Solarplus Grill. Reaching full temperature after just 15 seconds, the Solarplus Grill is 20% quicker in heating than conventional grill, with a mesh cover that burns off any food or fat spits. It’s the ideal grill for browning off pasta bakes or making mouth-watering cheese on toast. Incorporating Telescopic Shelving to take the burden of heavy dishes, have both hands free to lift them in and out of the oven with a lower risk of mishaps and spillages. For easy cleaning the Hotpoint Build-Under Double Oven features Catalytic Liners – a self-cleaning system that requires no chemicals as special panels against the oven wall catch food and fat spits, evaporating them during the cooking process. A model designed with practicality and ease for the adventurous cook, the Hotpoint Built-Under Double Oven’s sleek and modern design means that it fits every kitchen’s style.

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Hotpoint Built in double oven DXU7 912 C IX : discover the specifications of our home appliances and bring the innovation into your house and family.
Hotpoint Class 7 DXU7 912 C IX Built-in Oven - Stainless Steel

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