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Induction Hobs

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Induction Hobs: Elevating Your Cooking Experience

From experimenting in the kitchen to cooking up hearty classics, an induction stove is a contemporary and efficient style of hob. With a Hotpoint induction hob, you’ll have your food sizzling in no time, heating up significantly faster than traditional gas or electric hobs. Not only does it save you energy, but it gives you more time to spend savouring the meals around the family dinner table instead of cooking.

What Is an Induction Hob?

An induction stove is a modern, innovative type of hob. Similar to an electric hob, these stoves use an electric current to create heat. An induction stove has copper coils beneath the hob surface which create a current to warm the pan directly rather than the whole hob. This makes it a more energy efficient and flexible cooking solution, offering fast heating and precise temperature control.

How do Induction Hobs Work?

When you place a suitable pot or pan on the induction stove, the copper coils complete a circuit with the pan and the magnetic field under the hob’s surface. Then, the electrical current that is created comes across as heat to warm your pan and cook your food. This technology works with iron or steel pans, aka. pans made of magnetic metals, that allow the current to be transferred.

Induction Hobs That Care for Your Safety

Energy conscious and highly responsive, an induction hob is a perfect addition to your kitchen. Induction stoves are safer than gas or electric hobs as there is no flame or gas supply, so you don’t need to worry whether you’ve left the hob on or not. The appliance switches off when the pan is removed and the circuit is broken, so you can create sizzling, tasty meals with total peace of mind. If little ones’ curious hands are a concern, many of our models feature Child Lock technology, a programme that prevents too many temperature adjustments.

Hotpoint Induction Hob Features

Our Hotpoint stoves are designed to offer thoughtful home solutions so you can unleash your creativity in the kitchen and have total freedom. Our MyMenu feature is perfect for any budding chefs, providing you with extensive help in preparing all sorts of home-cooked recipes. It boasts four automatic cooking methods, melting, boiling, slow cooking and keeping warm. Each individual method sets the ideal cooking temperature, so you’ll never burn, or boil over food again. Slow cook a casserole, crisp your vegetables, or perfectly sauté your paella, with MyMenu. For total flexibility use our FlexiZone, a program that allows you to combine two individual cooking zones to create a larger one.

Discover the Hotpoint induction hob for you with our Hob Buying Guide and cook up melt in your mouth meals.