Hotpoint Ultima DUI611PX Cooker - Stainless Steel



All you need in the kitchen for serving up delicious meals, the Ultima DUI 611PX Cooker combines the latest induction technology for super-fast cooking and pyrolytic self-cleaning programs to keep your time free for great entertaining and more of the things you love. With 58L of capacity in the main oven cavity and fan assistance, there’s ample room for cooking your Sunday roast or a fleet of delicious mains with side accompaniments. Featuring an integrated grill, you can also brown to perfection, all within the same space. Keeping safety a priority the Cool Touch Door ensures a reduced risk of injury to hands big and small. Complementing the ability to roast, bake and grill with ease, the hob features our latest Induction Technology. Magnetic fields create a superior, versatile surface which heats only the pan, not the area around it. Reducing energy dispersion by 10%, it’s great news for you energy bills whilst ensuring perfectly even results, every time. When it comes to the arduous task of keeping your oven in tip-top condition, the Ultima DUI6 11PX Cooker excels once more. Using a fast clean Pyrolytic Cycle, the oven heats to around 500ºc burning away fat and food residue to a tidy pile of ash, ready to be wiped away for an incredibly easy and convenient solution. Unleash the inner culinary master with the Hotpoint Ultima DUI6 11PX Cooker, your ticket to delicious meals whatever space you have available in your kitchen.

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Hotpoint Cooker DUI611PX : discover the specifications of our home appliances and bring the innovation into your house and family.
Hotpoint Ultima DUI611PX Cooker - Stainless Steel

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