Active Oxygen

Our fridge freezers are packed with clever technologies which help save energy and keep your food fresh. Our premium technology combination features ActiveOxygen in your fridge, which eliminates strong odours and 99% of bacteria and virus growth*, keeping food fresh for longer.

*Virucidal field tests done by Notovir srl following the Guidance on the BPR, Vol. II Parts B+C, v. 3.0 Apr 2018 and including also Human Coronavirus OC43 for 24hours at 4°C. Results referred to Murine Norovirus and Human Coronavirus OC43 and may vary based on shelf positioning and presence/absence of packaging. Tests on bacteria done by an independent laboratory on Petri plates in the 24 hours, according to ISO 22196, bacteria tested E.Coli and St. Aureus.

Hotpoint Air Tech Evolution Fridge Freezer
Neutralise Unpleasant Odours Washing Machines

Neutralising unpleasant odours by up to 70%

Active Oxygen technology releases tri-oxygen molecules (O3) into the fridge, neutralising unpleasant odours by up to 70% and reduces bacteria and virus growth by up to 99%. Active Oxygen is a molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms – the same type that are present in nature and released into the atmosphere during a thunderstorm. Active Oxygen technology recreates this process inside your machine, so it doesn't need any refilling or maintenance.

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