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Discover Hotpoint’s all in one washer dryers

Experience the ultimate laundry power of a Hotpoint washer dryer. The combined washer dryer features the very best of a washing machine and a tumble dryer, allowing you to tackle laundry day in one singular appliance. A washer dryer is perfect for smaller spaces, eliminating the need for two separate appliances, and is a cost-effective alternative to purchasing both products. Their user-friendly designs allow everyone in the household to manage their share of laundry, so you can enjoy cotton fresh sheets and warm snuggly towels without any added work.

A washer dryer combo saves you time and energy, granting you time to focus on the things that truly matter inside of your home. With all the washing power of a standard washing machine, a Hotpoint washer dryer gives you pristine washing results. When your load isn’t full you can utilise the continuous Wash & Dry setting by simply turning the dial and letting the appliance do all the hard work.

Washer dryer combo technology

Our all in one washer dryer comes with similar advanced features and technologies that you’ll find in all Hotpoint laundry appliances. With the gentle Active Care technology, you can rest assured that your delicate items are taken care off thanks to the reduced fabric wear innovation. Start Delay enables you to set the washer dryer to begin whenever is most convenient for you, whilst the invertor motor keeps the appliance’s noise to a minimum and ensures your washer dryer is durable and stands the test of time. Consider our integrated washer dryers for a more discrete solution.

Here are some of the features you can expect from a Hotpoint washer dryer:

Multiple washing cycles: Choose from a variety of programmes to suit your laundry needs, from delicate washes for woollens to powerful cycles for heavily soiled items.
Drying programmes: Select from drying cycles for different fabrics, including timed drying, sensor drying, and easy-care settings.
Direct Injection Technology: This innovative technology pre-mixes water and detergent, ensuring a deeper clean for your clothes.
Quiet Operation: Hotpoint washer dryers are designed to operate at low noise levels, so you can get on with other tasks while your laundry is being taken care of.
Steam Refresh: Gives your clothes a quick refresh with a steam cycle that helps remove wrinkles and odours.