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Energy Efficient Washers

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Energy Efficient Washing Machines

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Our Energy Efficient Washing Machines

Hotpoint's energy-efficient washing machines utilise the latest technology to ensure maximum performance while consuming the least amount of energy possible. Featuring drums with various capacities, such as 10kg, you can wash more clothes in one cycle, saving time and reducing cycles.

Explore Our Extensive Range of Energy Efficient Washing Machines

At Hotpoint, we understand that every household has unique laundry requirements. That's why we offer a wide array of energy-saving washing machines to cater to your specific needs:

Integrated Washing Machines: Seamlessly integrate your energy efficient integrated washing machine into your kitchen cabinetry for a streamlined and stylish look.

Top-Loading Washing Machines: Enjoy the convenience and ease of use of our top-loading models, known for their simple operation and efficient cleaning.

Front-Loading Washing Machines: Choose from our range of front-loading machines, renowned for their superior energy efficiency and gentle care for fabrics.

9kg Washing Machines: Tackle large loads of laundry with ease using our spacious 9kg energy efficient washing machines, ideal for families or those with high laundry demands.

8kg Washing Machines: Find the perfect balance between capacity and energy efficiency with our energy efficient 8kg washing machines, suitable for most households.

Energy Saving Tips for Using Your Washing Machine

Maximise the efficiency of your washing machine with these simple tips:

1. Use Lower Temperature Settings: Washing at 30°C or lower is sufficient for most laundry loads and significantly reduces energy consumption.
2. Opt for Full Loads: Maximize efficiency by washing full loads whenever possible.
3. Regular Maintenance: Keep your machine running smoothly with regular maintenance, which helps prevent energy wastage.

Over 110 Years of Reliability and Innovation

As a long-established leader in home appliances, Hotpoint UK has been a trusted partner in homes for over a century. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability helps you make smarter choices for your home. Explore our full range of energy efficient washing machines and discover the perfect model for your laundry needs.