Dishwasher Buying Guide

If you’re considering adding a dishwasher to your kitchen or upgrading your existing appliance, our range of dishwashers are guaranteed to help you remove tough stains with ease. We have a solution to cater for all kitchens regardless of size, so read our buying guide and ditch the dishcloth!

Dishwasher Buying Guide
Dishwasher Types

Dishwasher types & style

You should first consider the space you have available, do you need a slim 45cm dishwasher, or a 60cm full-size dishwasher? Then consider your cupboard space, will the appliance be freestanding, or built-in behind a cupboard door for a sleek finish? Next, use the filtering on our website to select the capacity you need. Place settings are the measurements used to determine the space inside a dishwasher; consisting of a dinner plate, side plate, bowl, saucer, teacup, and cutlery. Generally, our slim options will give you around 10 place settings and full-size dishwashers up to 15.

A common misconception is that a dishwasher uses more water to clean dishes than washing by hand. Rest assured that on average, a dishwasher uses between 6 to 10 litres of water per cycle, whereas washing by hand can use nine times that amount! Hotpoint’s range of dishwashers feature innovative technology to optimise your cleaning experience, so you’ll never need to wash by hand again.

Hotpoint Dishwasher Technology

At Hotpoint, our dishwashers have been consciously designed to save you ever needing to scrub or hand wash your crockery. Our premium 3D Zone Wash Technology gives you the flexibility to tailor your wash cycle depending on your needs.

Choose an intensive wash directed at one of the two baskets for 40% more cleaning power, or for smaller loads, you can enjoy 40% more energy efficiency. The combined action of the powerful water jets, spray arms and inverter motor provide impeccable cleaning that’s tough on grease, but always gentle on energy consumption. Plus, ActiveDry Technology provides our best drying performance yet, by automatically opening the door at the end of the cycle to deliver 60% better drying results. Our eco-friendly technologies allow you to take a load off your mind when it comes to cleaning the dishes.

Dishwasher Technology
Dishwasher Buying Guide Features

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Along with Hotpoint’s key technologies, you should consider our user friendly features designed to make washing easier. Flexi Load is available on most dishwashers, offering you flexible zones dependent on the types of dishes being washed. Use the vertical zone to make space for pots and pans, or the height-adjustable baskets to make space for large plates in the bottom basket, or long stemmed wine glasses in the top basket.

Premium dishwashers offer super silent technology, which benefit from an inverter motor that improves noise and performance; when running, these models can operate at around 41dB(A), which is quieter than a normal conversation.

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