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Energy Saving Deals

When you’re looking to purchase a new appliance, choosing one with a high energy-efficient rating will help you in the long run, as you’ll reduce your household energy consumption, meaning you’ll save money. At Hotpoint, our appliances are designed with thoughtful technology that works for the environment as well as your home. From heat pump tumble dryers that are the most efficient way to tumble dry your laundry to Active Care washing machines that remove stubborn stains at low protective temperatures - discover and shop our energy-efficient appliances.

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Energy Saving Deals - Cooking Appliances

Energy Saving Deals - Washing Appliances

Energy Saving Deals - Dishwashers

Energy Saving Deals - Tumble Dryers

Energy Saving Deals - Cooling Appliances

Energy Saving Deals

Count on us to serve as your trusted partner, with thoughtful home solutions that brings you comfort and prevents mishaps. Shop our energy-efficient appliances, from A-rated laundry solutions that are kind to your clothes to dishwashers that maximise space, water and energy.