Whether you’re a fan of whole bean, ground or adore the simplicity of instant, wrap your hands around a mug of steaming coffee and celebrate the day where tea just doesn’t get a look in.

Fun fact to kick off with... did you know that according to legend, it was an Ethiopian goat herder named Kaldi who discovered coffee? Well, technically it was his goats. Seeing that his animals had eaten the red fruit of the coffee shrub and wouldn’t sleep – choosing instead to frolic the night away – Kaldi tried the berries and found he had the same reaction. Hello coffee morning!

Such a firm fixture in our daily lives, coffee holds the cure to early starts, all-nighters and burning the candle slightly at one end. Maybe on the other 364 days of the year you drink it without thinking, never stopping to indulge in a mindful experience of its plentiful aromas and taste, but since it’s International Coffee Day, we’re going to give you a little poke and say, take this one day to celebrate the beverage of kings (and goat herders!) and make your cuppa extra special.

A flavoursome field of taste, finding your ideal coffee can be a trial and error kind of affair, though standing in the coffee shop with a queue of bleary eyed patrons behind you probably isn’t the best time to move away from your usual Americano, latte or frappe.

So why not take this international day of celebration as a cue to get your coffee on at home and try something new?

Picking the right blend of ground of bean is the place to start. On a scale of one to five, one gives you the light to medium roast which is high caffeine, but light on flavour, whilst five is the very dark roasts which burst with rich taste.

Whatever your choice, make sure your go for something that bears the Fairtrade, seal of approval.


With approximately 2.2 billion cups sold in the UK alone during 2014, coffee is huge business, but the average coffee farmer still lives on around £1.37 per day*. Fairtrade International ensures that – even in times of fluctuating prices – farmers will still receive a fair price for their product which means that small decision you make in the supermarket can make a big impact across the world.

Now, if you’re looking for a coffee machine to bring your caffeine based hopes and dreams alive, then here at Hotpoint, we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

If you’ve got the gear, but still looking for the idea, then dig into our ‘All About Good Coffee’ Pinterest board, it’s got a whole host of ideas to upgrade your morning cup, but to get started, take a look at our video below on how to make the perfect cappuccino with our latest Induction Milk Frother.

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