Hotpoint’s fan assisted electric ovens are designed to cut down on cooking time by dispersing air evenly and effortlessly, cooking meals in a perfectly heated environment. Equipped with built-in ventilation, the oven recirculates heat, cooking food to its highest quality with a low energy usage; cutting down on the time it takes to prepare meals. Our fan assisted ovens’ ventilation system helps to remove moisture, creating ideal internal conditions for baking a multitude of foods. Our fan ovens also feature self-cleaning catalytic liners, these break down food particulates, meaning you can have more time to enjoy your home cooked meals and spend less time cleaning.


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Fan Oven

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Large Capacity Electric Ovens

Are you hosting a dinner party for friends and family? At Hotpoint, we offer large capacity ovens which have all the space you need to prepare various meals. No matter how many dishes you have on the go, you’ll find space for all of them. Separating different foods is not necessary, thanks to the Forced Air program, you can cook separate dishes on several shelves at once. Our ventilated ovens also boast a built-in fan system which filters out food particulates meaning there won’t be any cross contamination between your tasty dishes. At Hotpoint, we have curated appliances with efficiency in mind, which is why our electric ovens offer a range of features, including a 15 second preheating time as well as mutiflow technology which provides uniform heating throughout the entire oven to ensure consistently even cooking.
With Hotpoint's fan ovens, there is no limit to what you can cook. Explore our versatile range of fan assisted convection ovens, each crafted with innovative technology, to find the perfect fit for your kitchen.