Flexi Duo: The flexibility to cook the way you want

Thanks to Flexi Duo, you can move your pot or pan from one zone to another, whilst maintaining the same heat level. Alternately, you can cook your dishes on the flexible zone using two pots at once, or with a large pot covering the entire surface.

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One Cooking Surface

Active Heat: One cooking surface, infinite possibilities

The whole cooking surface is divided into 3 independent zones with different temperature levels: low, medium and high. This allows you to move pots and pans from one zone to the other without having to touch any controls, so you can make the most of the different temperatures. when your recipe requires. For example, to cook meatballs, start with a high temperature to brown the meat, move the pan to a medium heat to cook them through, finally, move them to the low temperature to keep them warm as you finish the rest of your recipe.

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