Freezer Buying Guide

Whether you're purchasing a freezer for the first time or replacing an old model, there are elements to consider and features to learn about when starting your search. With our buying guide, finding the ideal appliance for your home is made simple.

Hotpoint Freezer Buying Guide
Hotpoint Freezer Dimensions Buying Guide

Freezer types and styles

The type of freezer you need really depends on the size of your kitchen and the types of food you store. Whether you're a batch cook, meal planner or always prepared with a ready-meal, Hotpoint has an option to suit your freezing requirements, including freestanding or built-in upright, tall, under-counter, and chest freezer models. Freezer capacities range between 90 - 263 litres, essentially fitting 5-15 shopping bags, so storing your food shopping and meals cooked in bulk just became a whole lot more straightforward.

Whether you opt for a freestanding or built-in model, it's important to measure the space you have available, taking into account ventilation requirements around the appliance. Choose from freezers in a range of colours and styles including white, silver, graphite and black, to suit your kitchen. If you prefer a seamless look and feel, an integrated under-counter or upright model gives you functional space, behind a cupboard door. Finally, if space is an issue, consider a chest freezer, some of which can be stored in garages or outbuildings.

Hotpoint Freezer Technology

No Frost Technology, Hotpoint’s premium freezer technology, fully prevents ice build-up, eliminating the need to ever spend time manually defrosting again. This Hotpoint technology maintains the optimal humidity levels in your freezer and circulates fresh air around the compartment. It even prevents freezer burn - allowing you to maintain food taste and quality and reduce waste. Filter by Frost Free products to discover a defrost-free future.

Hotpoint Freezer Models
Hotpoint Freezer Storage Options

Freezer Features to Fit Your Needs

Our freezing needs can change drastically by season (be it due to the weather or holidays!) so our solutions are built to provide flexible storage and generous capacity. If you're looking for improved organisation, flexibility and food quality, Hotpoint has an appliance you can rely on.

Depending on the type of freezer you’ve selected, you’ll find different features available to help protect the quality of your frozen goods. With Super Freeze technology, you can freeze food fast, even from just cooked to best retain its original taste. Furthermore, our effective Easy Find Tray gives you fast access to your go-to frozen items.

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