Fridge Buying Guide

Finding the ideal fridge to suit your needs and lifestyle can be overwhelming, when there are so many factors to consider. At Hotpoint, we know your fridge is at the heart of your kitchen, so our buying guide will give you all the guidance you need to find your perfect match from our range. Whether you want to prioritise storage capacity, energy efficiency or self-cleaning technology, we have plenty of thoughtful technology ready to explore.

Fridge Buying Guide
Types of Fridge Buying Guide

Fridge Types & Style

You should first decide the type of fridge you need. This is usually dependent on your kitchen space, your shopping habits and the types of food you're preserving. When deciding on the size or capacity of your fridge, take into consideration your household size; we’d recommend at least 50 litres of space per person.

Whether you require a freestanding or built-in appliance, you should measure the space you have available, taking account of ventilation requirements around the appliance.

Hotpoint built-in and freestanding fridges come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. You'll find a functional range of under-counter and upright fridges to suit your space with a choice of stylish colours including black, white, silver and graphite. Also, make sure you are taking into account your household size. The more people in your household, the greater capacity fridge will be required.

Hotpoint Fridge Technology

Whether you're replacing an old appliance, or upgrading for more space, the latest fridges in the market offer far more than just keeping food and drink cool. Our fridges feature technologies that help you to keep your food as fresh as the day you bought it. Hotpoint’s Active Oxygen technology is available across many of our fridges and helps to remove bacteria inside the fridge, while neutralising bad odours.

Getting the Right Fridge
Hotpoint Fridge features

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Hotpoint fridge features offer plenty of functional solutions to suit your needs at home:

All fridges feature flexible storage solutions, enabling you to change the configuration of the refrigerator to suit your needs. Depending on the size of the model, some options can easily store up to 20 bags of shopping, ideal for larger families. Premium features are available across a range of products as well: Auto-defrost drains away excess moisture inside the fridge so you’ll never need to defrost the fridge. The fast cool option rapidly decreases the temperature inside of the fridge, to keep your food fresh, great for use after a large food shop, or if the fridge door has been accidentally left open for a period of time.

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