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Washing Machines

Hotpoint Ultima S-Line RZ 1066 W Washing Machine - White

RZ 1066 W UK

For an exceptional stain-busting, intuitive laundry solution that protects and cares for your clothes, the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line Washing Machine (RZ 1066 W UK) delivers an incredible A+++ -30% energy rating, 10kg capacity, and wealth of programs to simplify your life.
Take the guesswork out of finding the most effective cycle for your load with Drive Me. Using an innovative interactive display to select the best program according to fabric, colour and detergent type for outstanding results every time. Taking unique wash parameters set by you, the machine will do the rest by selecting the perfect cycle for each load, delivering quality you can feel through technology you can trust.
Designed to protect your clothes against whatever the world throws at them, remove 100 of the most stubborn, everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking or scrubbing, thanks to Direct Injection Technology. By pre-mixing the detergent and water into a superior cleaning foam, together with controlled temperature and drum rotations, stains are penetrated deep within the fibres, lifting them free and leaving your clothes smelling fresh and feeling irresistible.
And for those moments when you realise you’ve left an essential out of the load, don’t panic – just Stop & Add. The essential blouse, must-have trousers or PE kit that escaped the cut, whatever you need clean in a hurry, the Ultima S-Line Washing Machine (RZ 1066 W UK) lets you add laundry partway through the cycle to help keep your day on track.
Extending kindness to our precious natural resources, the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line Washing Machine (RZ 1066 W UK) includes Eco Rain which uses Diverter Technology to spray water onto clothes rather than pooling beneath them, meaning less water is heated to saturate the load and achieve excellent results. Using 20% less water per wash, it’s a great feature for the environmentally conscious.
A superb example of modern engineering to save time, money and resources whilst enjoying outstanding cleaning results, the Hotpoint Ultima S-Line Washing Machine (RZ 1066 W UK) fits comfortably into every décor and busy household.

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Main specification

Capacity (kg): 10

Spin Speed (rpm): 1600

Energy Class: A+++


Digital Motion Technology
Steam Hygiene
Drive Me
Inverter Motor
Eco Rain
The Inverter technology ensures perfect control of the brushless motor, delivering up to 10 different drum rotations, studied specifically to treat and eliminate stains of all kinds without damaging the clothes.
With steam it’s possible to purify your garments even doing your laundry at low temperature, eliminating 99,9% of bacteria.
Extremely delicate action to wash woollen garments, ensuring a perfect clean without making your clothes lose their original softness. This cycle has been approved by the Woolmark Company as a valid wash to use on woollen garments with the “Hand wash” label.
Through the washing machine’s control panel, the Drive Me function offers guidance in the selection of the right programme with just 4 easy steps, asking you to only choose colour and fabric type. Based on these information, Drive Me automatically suggests the best programme from those available.
This Hotpoint Washing machine's Inverter Motor is designed to ensure a long lasting performance and to improve end results.
The Eco Rain system permits significant reductions in water consumption, as much as 40% less than the Class A+++ energy efficiency standard. The water circuit takes in only the water needed to wash the load, thus reducing energy consumption and optimizing detergent concentration inside the drum.

Technical data


  • Energy efficiency class : A+++
  • Energy Superdeclaration : A+++-30%
  • Annual water consumption annual (l/annum) : 12460
  • Annual energy consumption annual (kWh/annum) : 166
  • Maximum spin speed (rpm) : 1600
  • Spin drying performance class : A
  • Noise level spinning (dB(A) re 1 pW) : 78
  • Noise level washing (dB(A) re 1 pW) : 56


  • Height (cm) : 85.0
  • Width (cm) : 59.5
  • Depth (cm) : 60.5

Structural features

  • Installation type : Free-standing
  • Loading type : Front loader
  • Capacity (kg) : 10
  • Colour : White
  • Door colour : White
  • Display type : LCD
  • Weight (kg) : 75.9
  • Motor : Inverter
  • EAN code : 5016108953617

Main Options

  • Steam Hygiene
  • Direct Injection


  • Cotton 40°
  • Cotton 60°
  • Synthetics
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Eco Cotton
  • Woolmark


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