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Hotpoint Ultimate Collection TT 22E UP0 Toaster - Chrome


Add a touch of style to your kitchen with the attractive chrome Hotpoint Ultimate Collection TT 22E UP0 Toaster. This Hotpoint Ultimate Toaster features a clever sandwich function that heats sandwiches without burning the bread. There is also a removal warming rack which is ideal for heating pastries and bread, taking the hassle out of creating a variety of breakfasts for the family. For the impatient toast lover out there, the Hotpoint Ultimate Toaster has a countdown function that allows you to know exactly how long is left before your toast is ready. The built-in browning bagel means you can toast on one desired side if necessary. For style and functionality, look no further than the Hotpoint Ultimate Collection TT 22E UP0 Toaster.

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Main specification

Slices: 2

Browning setting levels: 8

Colour: Inox


Easy Clean-Up
2 Slot Toaster
Defrost Function
Reheat Function
Defrost and reheat function
Thanks to the practical crumb-collecting drawer, the clean-up is quick and easy.
Two convenient slots to toast bread and two grills to make perfect grilled sandwiches.
To defrost bread without burning it and to keep it crispy.
To warm up bread without toasting it.
Reheating or defrosting also medium sized bread rolls is even simpler. Just put the bread on the special rack and start toasting. Also useful for reheating bread that has already been toasted without over-browning.

Technical data


  • Voltage (V) : 220-240
  • Power (W) : 750-900


  • Automatic eject
  • Detachable bread support
  • Defrost function
  • Reheat function
  • Cancel option
  • Bagel function
  • Auto shut-off
  • Cool walls
  • Removable crumbs tray
  • Cable storage
  • Slots
  • Slices
  • Control type
  • ¬†Display¬†
  • Length of electrical supply cord (m) : 1.0
  • Browning setting levels

General information

  • Commercial code : TT 22E UP0 UK
  • EAN code : 5016108937631
  • Main colour of product : Inox


  • Height (cm) : 26.0
  • Width (cm) : 27.0


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