Hotpoint Day1 LAO85 FF1I W.1 Fridge Freezer - White



LAO85 FF1I W.1
The Hotpoint Day 1 LAO85FF1IW.1 Fridge Freezer in white has an A+ energy rating that provides optimum energy efficiency giving high performance while saving you money on your ultilty bills. The right temperature for every food type, this model comes with a multi-use drawer with flexible space consisting of 2 positions in the fridge for best preservation depending on the type of food you want to store. Comes with Frost Free technology so you never have to defrost your freezer again thanks to its improved cold air circulation that prevents ice build up. Also features a special anti-bacterial coating on the inner walls that kills bacteria protecting your family and keeps your food fresher for longer. Low on Energy, high in performance this appliance will look the part in kitchen thanks to its sleek design.

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Hotpoint Freestanding fridge freezer LAO85 FF1I W.1 : discover the specifications of our home appliances and bring the innovation into your house and family.
Hotpoint Day1 LAO85 FF1I W.1 Fridge Freezer - White

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