Hotpoint Day1 TDC 95 T1I G Fridge Freezer - Graphite



TDC 95 T1I G
The TDC 95 T1I G features Frost Free Technology, both the fridge and freezer units benefit from a homogenous cold air flow to stop the formation of frost. Promoting better and longer lasting food preservation, the separate airflow control prevents odour and flavour migration so you only ever get the tastes you love. There’s plenty of space for the food shop, leftovers and beverages with 235L of refrigerator space, distributed across four glass shelves to make organising a breeze. Plus, with a dedicated Crisper, all your leafy greens can keep their natural goodness while being protected against knocks that can cause them to spoil more rapidly. Including a 3-in-1 Drawer you can now enjoy; Super Cool+ to provide a cold boost of air to drop food temperature from 70° to 3° in 30% less time – ideal if you have leftovers to store in a hurry. Chill Mode produces a constantly optimum environment for preserving meat and fish, whilst Safe Defrost helps you thaw food whilst prohibiting bacteria growth and tissue degradation in delicate foods such as white fish. Providing an extra guard, this model features Hygiene+ Protection – a special anti-bacterial coating on the inner walls, designed to kill bacteria and mould that can affect the shelf life of your produce. This helps lock in taste for longer, and prevent food wastage – good news for environmental and budget conscious shopper. Complementing the exceptional preservation within the fridge, within the freezer cavity, enjoy 124L of space distributed across four deep. Keeping food preservation paramount, the Super Freeze function works to rapid-freeze fresh food so the internal temperature remains constant and freshness is retained for longer. It’s the perfect energy efficient solution when you’re unpacking the food shop or storing a big cooking session. A handsome eye-catching design with LED illumination and A+ energy rating.

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Hotpoint Freestanding fridge freezer TDC 95 T1I G : discover the specifications of our home appliances and bring the innovation into your house and family.
Hotpoint Day1 TDC 95 T1I G Fridge Freezer - Graphite

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