Product description

Skip the scrubbing and leave the dishes to Hotpoint with the H7I HP42 L UK built in dishwasher. This 15 place setting capacity dishwasher gives you 10%* more usable space thanks to the Maxi Space tub. The new interior tub means that even if you're cooking the biggest family dinner, or you're spending an afternoon batch cooking for the week ahead, you'll have all the space you need to get your dishes sparkling clean. Tough, baked on food is no longer a problem thanks to 3D Zone Wash, it gives you 80%** more power, so lasagne and Shepherd's pie never cause a clean up headache. Keep your energy and water use in check with Auto Programmes, which automatically adjust the energy, water and time based on the level on dirt, giving you clean and dried dishes whilst saving up to 50%*** on resources. Always achieve perfectly dried dishes with ActiveDry it opens the door close to the end of the dishwashing cycle, so air can circulate for a natural dry. *Comparison between Whirlpool dishwasher models with standard tub and Whirlpool dishwasher models with MaxiSpace tub. Extra space refers to the increased total loading area among the three racks. **Average water power percentage increase versus non 3D Zone Wash option activated mode ***Results referred to the auto mixed program and to water. Different level of savings reached on the other auto cycles. Tested internally comparing least intensive and most intensive execution of the auto cycle.

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