Hotpoint HDIC 3B+26 C W UK Integrated Dishwasher

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Product description

Seamlessly integrating into your cabinetry, the Hotpoint Smart HDIC 3B+26 C W UK Dishwasher in white will ensure handwashing is a thing of the past. Our tough, long-lasting stainless steel interior & 3-stage water filtration gives you effective, hygienic cleaning power that keeps bacteria at bay. Thanks to the height-adjustable top tray, you can create extra space in the basket below for your larger pots, pans or dishes. For when you’ve only a few dishes to wash, the Half Load function allows you to run a mini cycle, using less water than a full load. Including the Hotpoint Inverter Motor, thanks to new algorithms and improved insulation, the Hotpoint HDIC 3B+26 C W UK Dishwasher now runs at just 46db. Providing more power with precise control over cleaning performance, it’s our most advanced motor yet.

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