Hotpoint RD 964 JD UK N Washer Dryer - White

RD 964 JD UK N
"Combining the very best technology in stain removal and sensor drying, the Ultima Washer Dryer (RG 964 JD UK N) is set to tackle everything the modern household throws at it. Remove stains at lower temperatures With Hotpoint’s innovative Direct Injection Technology, remove more than 100 stains at 20° thanks to a superior water and detergent premix injected directly into the wash. By infusing the detergent and water together before it reaches your laundry, cleaning enzymes are activated faster, penetrating fibres deeper and delivering up to 60% more cleaning power, even at low temperatures. Perfect for allergy sufferers For those who suffer from sensitivity to pollen, dust and pet dander, this model includes Anti-Allergy wash and rinse cycles, so effective it removes 99.9% of major allergens and has been awarded the Allergy UK Seal of Approval. Sensor drying Going beyond the wash, built-in sensors means there are optimum drying cycles for every fabric type. With a dedicated Woolmark Platinum setting to pay special attention to your favourite knitwear, slower drum movements reduce friction and lessen stress to the fibres to lock in softness for longer. Super silent Delivering variable spin speeds of up to 1400rpm, the Super Silent Motor prevents your laundry duties from disturbing family moments as special sound insulting panels and an advanced brushless motor reduces noise levels dramatically. Taking on every challenge, with multiple programs including Super Wash, Fast Wash, Eco and Delicate cycles, the Ultima Washer Dryer is fit to tackle every eventuality whether it’s renewing brightness in school shirts, lifting stubborn marks out of jeans or quickly washing the gym kit ready for another day’s work-out.

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Hotpoint Freestanding Washer Dryer RD 964 JD UK N : discover the specifications of our home appliances and bring the innovation into your house and family.
Hotpoint RD 964 JD UK N Washer Dryer - White


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