Hotpoint TS 5760F NE Induction hob - Black

TS 5760F NE
Fast, efficient, and easy to clean. The Hotpoint TS 5760F NE Induction hob has it all, from touch control, allowing you to have complete control at your fingertips, to direct access control, giving you the control of each individual cooking zone via the dedicated responsive slider to take advantage of the 18 flexible power levels and booster function when you need that extra bit of power adding to your cooking. Complete cooking assistance manifests in the form of the My Menu feature, catering for all your cooking needs with a range of 4 cooking methods: melting, boiling, keep warm and slow cooking to assist you to prepare any recipe on any zones. My Menu provides you with extended cooking capabilities to give you a more versatile kitchen experience. With full control of your hob over a 60cm width, you can take advantage of having full flexibility with your cooking by using FlexiSpace technology, giving you ease of movement, transfer your saucepans from one zone to another, the hob will respond automatically to aid ease of cooking when dishing up your favourite meals and combines brilliantly with Active Heat which provides you with 3 independent zones, all with different temperature levels: low, medium and high. This allows you to move pots and pans from one zone to the other without having to manually change the temperatures. Giving you comfortable assistance in your cooking ventures, the Hotpoint TS 5760F NE Hob is always at hand throughout.

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Hotpoint TS 5760F NE Induction hob - Black