Microwave Buying Guide

The Hotpoint Microwave collection is ideal for any kitchen, with compact options that fit into small spaces, or larger built-in models for a seamless finish. Continue reading our buying guide for helpful tips to make your decision easy.

Microwave Buying Guide
Microwave Types

Microwaves Types & Styles

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, our microwaves are designed to suit any type of layout. The freestanding range gives you the freedom to position your appliance anywhere in your kitchen without the need for installation. The distinguishable Curve microwave can even be positioned neatly in the corner of your countertops, to give you additional space. If you require a built-in microwave, they compliment our built-in cooking appliances perfectly, completing your kitchen and freeing up valuable space on your kitchen surfaces.

Hotpoint Microwaves Technology

Microwaves offer so much more than reheating. Whether you’re defrosting tonight's dinner, have run out of space in the main oven, or simply want to heat some porridge or soup with ease, we have many solutions to deliver delicious results.

We offer three types of microwaves, starting with the standard microwaves that are great for simple tasks and take up limited space. Next, microwaves with a grill are designed for grilled meat or dishes that need a beautifully crisp top. Finally, our combination microwaves give you total cooking flexibility, including functions similar to those found in an oven or cooker; you can roast, crisp and brown food, all from a compact space.

Microwave Technology
Microwave Buying Guide Features

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Hotpoint microwaves offer solutions to suit your cooking needs. The revolutionary Dynamic Crisp Technology enables you to cook and crisp foods like pizza, halloumi and even a full English breakfast. Dedicated steam, fry and auto-cook functions guide you through the cooking process, eliminating any food failures, while delivering mouthwatering results in half the time. Flat Bed Technology, available in some models, gives you more cooking space, by eliminating the need for a turntable so multiple dishes can be cooked at once.

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