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For over 110 years, Hotpoint has been at the heart of family kitchens, bringing a range of cooking appliances designed not only to save you time, but to help you create great meals with no stress or fuss. Our microwave collection features clever technologies allowing you to cook dishes with speed - and they offer so much more than just reheating or defrosting. Discover the full range below.

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Microwave and grill

The Grill function on the microwave is perfect for cooking oven-baked food, in the compact space of a microwave.

Large Capacity

Perfect kitchen addition to large size families that are looking for an appliance that delivers great results. In addition to offering a range of large capacity microwaves, our products also include features such as rapid defrost, dynamic steam, dynamic crisp, auto cooking programs, and much more. Stylishly designed, our quick cooking technology gives you the versatility of oven cooking but with the energy and time saving benefits of a microwave.

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The Right Microwave For Your Family


Our microwave collection features clever technologies that suit your needs. Ideal for any sized kitchens including smaller ones with easy to use control panels and precision timer creating the perfect dish. Our buying guide will take you on a journey of discovering a wide-range of different types of Microwaves that includes a grill and innovative smart functions that are tailored to cook different kinds of meals.