Cooking a delicious home-cooked meal has never been easier with Hotpoint's oven collection. Take a look at our straightforward buying guide and find the ideal oven for you and your family.

Oven Buying Guide
Oven Types

Oven Types & Styles

Before considering an oven, you should first check the fuel type available to you.
Ovens can be connected via gas & electric. Electric ovens are more popular, as they have more advanced technology and features.

You should then look at the space you have to house your oven, typically you’ll find single ovens that fit a standard 60x60cm space, or double ovens which offer two generous cooking spaces in a 60x90cm gap. Both single and double ovens can typically be built-in to a cupboard space, or built-under a work surface, check the installation guides by model for more information.

Hotpoint Oven Technology

Hotpoint’s flagship Multiflow technology is included in all electric single ovens. This powerful technology combined with precision temperature control distributes a constant and even heat to every corner of the oven, controlling the temperature within a precise 2 degrees, so you get consistently even cooking results on all shelves, with no burnt edges or raw middles.

Hotpoint ovens are built for those whose passion is cooking, not cleaning. When comparing models, consider Hotpoint’s various self-cleaning methods that make previously hard work easy: catalytic liners absorb fat and grease spills, removing them naturally during the cooking process. Hydro Clean, a 35 minute self-cleaning steam programme that loosens fat and food residue allowing you to easily wipe it away. Our most advanced option is Pyrolytic Cleaning, which safely locks the oven door and heats up to 470°C to burn off any fat and grease without having to use detergents. You’ll never have to clean your oven manually again.

Oven Technology
Oven Buying Guide Features

Features Built for Your Lifestyle

Our single oven technologies are thoughtfully designed to prevent any kitchen mishaps. Cook with steam technology for results that are succulent on the inside, but crisp on the outside. Our Expert Recipes Function will guide you step-by-step, while additions such as meat probes will ensure your roasted meats are cooked precisely, dependent on your desired result.

Our range offers various capacities including single and double ovens, perfect for families of any size when cooking a Sunday roast. The double ovens make cooking for large families a breeze, while even our single ovens can hold up to 73 litres, giving you ample space for all the trimmings and more!

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