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Hotpoint has been at the heart of family kitchens for 110 years. Our range of cooking appliances has been designed not only to save you time, but to help you produce amazing results with no stress or fuss. You can be sure that your soufflés won't spoil and your bread won't burn, with the latest ovens innovative technology at your fingertips helping to avoid any mishaps. With both built-in and freestanding oven models available, you'll find the perfect appliance for your busy kitchen.

Hotpoint ovens range

Technology & Design

Self-Cleaning Ovens

Making sense of self cleaning ovens

Discover our range of self cleaning ovens that use heat, steam or catalytic liners to help you keep your oven clean.

Multiflow Technology

Multiflow technology combined with precision temperature control distributes constant heat to every corner of the oven, controlling the temperature to within a precise 2 degrees, so you get consistently even cooking with no burnt edges or raw middles.

Built in Ovens

Best Sellers

Choosing The Right Oven


Sometimes, the choice of ovens on today's market can be a bit, well, overwhelming. That’s why this guide is here to walk you through the basics.