GentlePower Washing Machines

A new way to save resources, without compromising on cleaning performance.

GentlePower washing machines are designed to gently care for your laundry and the environment, while delivering impeccable results, wash after wash.

Gentle Power washing machines

Our most powerful, but gentle washing machine yet.

GentlePower technology achieves outstanding fabric care and cleaning performance by tailoring the wash to each specific load, no matter how big or small. This caring technology first detects the load size, which is automatically used to deliver the optimal combination of water, detergent, and heat needed to provide an impeccable clean.

The water and detergent are premixed before being sprayed onto your laundry through the waterfall nozzle - showering your laundry rather than the traditional soaking - providing a more thorough clean without extra energy. Since GentlePower washing machines only use and heat the necessary water, you can make excellent savings of up to 65% in energy and 59% of water*.

*Tested on ECO 40-60 cycle with and without GentlePower and Load Detect

Gentle Power Range

Technology & Design

Hotpoint Quiet Washing Machine

A super silent washing machine, when all you need is quiet at home

The traditional belt driven motor has been replaced with a high-performance Direct Drive motor that rotates the drum directly, offering quality, reliability and minimum noise levels, so you'll never be disturbed by your washing machine again.

For meeting-filled days days and late night washes, the Mixed | Extra Silence cycle works at noise levels as low as 51 dBa during the wash, and 60 dBa for the spin.

All GentlePower washing machines carry the Quiet Mark approval.

Fill once, and wash up to 26 times

Take the guesswork out of laundry with our Auto Dose washing machine, which automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent and softener needed.

With AutoDose technology, you can fill and forget, all while keeping your costs low and your fabrics looking great.

Auto Dose Washing Machine
Steam Hygiene Washers

Three steam options, for the ultimate clean

Steam Hygiene removes 99.9% of bacteria from your laundry, thanks to a burst of steam at the end of the cycle.
Steam Refresh for refreshing laundry that isn't in need of a full wash, minimising creases.
Steam Finish, for when you can't unload the laundry right away, keeping it crease free for up to 6 hours.